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  • Jonathan Wright, MD tells how two patients 40 years ago opened his eyes to natural treatments

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    Wednesday, August 01, 2012 2:39 pm Email this article

    In this video clip, Jonathan Wright, MD, a pioneer in natural medicine, tells how about 40 years ago, two patients opened his eyes to the fact that natural treatments work, and made him realize that there was a big gap in his medical education.

    Note: This is similar to the story that psychiatrist, Daniel Amen, MD, tells, in that he said he used to only give drugs to his psychiatric patients, but then when he gave stronger and stronger drugs to his young niece with behavioral problems, and they did not work and caused her to gain weight, he gave her some natural supplements that he had heard about from a colleague, and they worked great. (The link to this story is shown below.)

    Dr. Wright went to Harvard when he was 16

    Dr. Wright went to Harvard when he was 16-years-old

    Jonathan Wright, MD notes that he finished high school in 9.5 years rather than 12 years, and entered Harvard University when he was 16-years-old.

    Dr. Wright recognized a large gap in his education

    Two patients helped Dr. Wright recognize there was a large gap in his medical education

    “There were 2 individuals who came in as patients who showed me there were really other things that I learned in medical school, and that that was actually a huge gap in my education,” notes Dr. Wright.

    “One was a woman who had taken almost every drug you could think of, including, of all things, calcium, which is not a drug, for her leg cramps, and none of it had worked.”

    “She had to take doses of quinine that made her ears ring… and that barely controlled her cramps.”

    “She came in to see me with a book, and asked me if I thought it was safe to take vitamin E [for her leg cramps].”

    “Now remember, this was 1970 or 1971, there had been all of this propaganda about how if you take too many fat-soluble vitamins you might die, and so she was scared.”

    “But the book said that vitamin E might help cramps, so she came to me to ask if it was safe.”

    “I told her the one thing that we learned about vitamin E and medical school, and it was the only thing we had learned about it, too, was that it wouldn’t kill anybody, so she might as well try [vitamin E for her leg cramps].”

    Vitamin E cured a woman’s leg cramps

    In 1969, Vitamin E cured a woman’s leg cramps after she had tried numerous drug

    “She tried it, and call back about 5 weeks later and said she had flushed all the prescription medications down the toilet, and [since taking the vitamin E] she hadn’t had a leg cramp for 3 weeks. She was very happy with her vitamin E….”

    “I thought… I ought to get a copy of that book.”

    “I put it on the shelf. I had a lot of other things to do.”

    Vitamin B6 helped another woman

    Vitamin B6 helped a woman with other problems which caused Dr. Wright to start gathering scientific research on natural treatments

    “The next time someone came in with a problem that wouldn’t go away with all the drugs and medication that had been used, I thought what the heck, let’s look in the book, and it said that vitamin B6 might work.”

    “So, I told her, that I didn’t think that vitamin B6 could hurt her. Go down to the health food store and try it out.”

    “She did, and it helped all of her problems.”

    “So at that point, I decided that book might know something.”

    “Fortunately, it had all of the footnotes and references and citations, so I took it up to the University of Washington library at the medical school, and that’s where I learned that there was this big hole and my education, because the book was all about things they had not taught us in medical school [such as] diets and vitamins and minerals.”

    “So, I started collecting all the material I could find on solid scientific research having to do with diets, vitamins, minerals and herbs, and started finding out that those worked when they were applied appropriately… and they didn’t hurt anybody.”

    “And not only that, but they were less expensive than prescription medications.”

    “My experience with those [patients] was 1969 to 1972.”

    Dr. Wright was scolded for using zinc to cure an ulcer

    Dr. Wright was scolded for using zinc to cure an ulcer because it was not an ‘approved’ treatment

    “I then worked on the staff where I gotten my education, a group health cooperative, for another year.”

    “At that point, the chief of staff had a little disagreement about 2 things.”

    “One. I didn’t think it was responsible to see 12 children per hour and certify that they were all healthy, and they disagreed with me about that.”

    “And secondly, I had someone with a non-healing diabetic ulcer who use some zinc, and the ulcer healed after 8 years, and I was called on the carpet for using zinc because it wasn’t approved. And I asked what was the point of what were here for, is it to use approved things, or is it to get people better?”

    “There was a discussion about that. And between those 2 things, I decided that it was time for me to go start my own clinic [which I opened] in 1973.”

    Dr. Wright’s first book in 1979

    Dr. Wright wrote his first book in 1979

    “The 1st book I wrote came out in 1979.”

    Similar Story to that of Daniel Amen, MD

    Similar story to that of psychiatrist, Daniel Amen, MD who discovered how effective natural treatments are

    Here are links to the story about psychiatrist, Daniel Amen, MD and how he discovered how effective natural treatments are.

    The first video clip is where he talks about discovering how effective natural treatments were after giving them to his young niece.

    Contact Info

    Dr. Wright’s Contact Info

    Jonathan V. Wright, MD
    Tahoma Clinic
    801 SW 16th St., Ste. 121
    Renton, WA 98055
    (425) 264-0059 phone
    (425) 264-0071 fax

    About Dr. Wright

    More about Dr. Wright

    Jonathan Wright, MD is a pioneer in natural medicine.

    He is the first person to combine bioidentical hormones for women, a product called Tri-Estrogen, which he did in 1982.

    He is the author of the book Why Stomach Acid is Good for You.

    A list of the other wonderful books he has written are listed here.

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    Other articles about Dr. Wright

    Here are links to other articles about Dr. Wright.

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