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  • About one-third of people have normal blood sugar, but produce too much insulin, Jonathan Wright, MD

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    Tuesday, July 31, 2012 4:00 pm Email this article

    Back in 1976, Joseph Kraft, MD tested about 3500 people, giving them glucose, and then plotting both blood sugar and insulin levels every hour, for 4 to 6 hours notes Jonathan Wright, MD, a pioneer in natural medicine, in this video clip.

    Dr. Kraft found that in 1500 or 1600 of these people—roughly half—had abnormal blood sugar levels during this test, however, all of these people had been referred to Dr. Kraft from other doctors because they thought they had diabetes.

    One-third of produced too much insulin

    One-third of people had NORMAL blood sugar levels, but produced TOO MUCH insulin

    Wright notes that the other half of people looked to be normal if you only looked at their blood sugar, but notes that two-thirds of that half—one-third of all the patients—had normal blood sugar levels, but were making too much insulin.

    Wright notes that he has been using this test since 1976 when Dr. Kraft published a paper in one of the journals.

    Dr. Wright notes that when they change people’s diets and have them take some supplements, and has them exercise, and then test them 6 months later, their insulin secretion has dropped which shows that these changes have improved insulin resistance.

    Near the end of the video clip, he notes that you still have to have the genetics to get Type 2 diabetes, which affects about one-third of people.

    Contact Info

    Dr. Wright’s Contact Info

    Jonathan V. Wright, MD
    Tahoma Clinic
    801 SW 16th St., Ste. 121
    Renton, WA 98055
    (425) 264-0059 phone
    (425) 264-0071 fax

    About Dr. Wright

    More about Dr. Wright

    Jonathan Wright, MD is a pioneer in natural medicine.

    He is the first person to combine bioidentical hormones for women, a product called Tri-Estrogen, which he did in 1982.

    He is the author of the book Why Stomach Acid is Good for You.

    A list of the other wonderful books he has written are listed here.

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    Joseph Kraft, MD

    Info about Dr. Kraft and his book on Diabetes


    Diabetes is a “silent” disorder. Millions of all ages world wide with “normal” fasting blood sugars have diabetes and do not know it. YOU may be one of them. If you are offered an oral glucose tolerance without insulin assays, YOU ARE BEING SHORTCHANGED!

    DIABETES EPIDEMIC and YOU is not a cliche! 

    It is a mandate for the awakening of the “silent” millions worldwide with “normal” fasting blood sugars and undiagnosed diabetes.

    If you have a “normal” fasting blood sugar, YOU may be one of the undiagnosed millions. YES, I do mean YOU.

    Since Hippocrates’ time, earliest diagnosis provided the greatest opportunity for treatment and cure. This book highlights the earliest identification of type 2 diabetes by utilizing the insulin assay with the oral glucose tolerance.
    My cumulative experience of 14,384 oral glucose tolerances with insulin assays established the earliest diagnosis of prediabetes and diabetes when the blood sugars were normal. 

    Prediabetes is type 2 diabetes. 

    The tolerances were separated according to age groups, from 3-13 years to 81-90+ years. 

    Each group was further divided into normal glucose tolerances, impaired glucose tolerances, and diabetes mellitus glucose tolerances.
    You, upon testing by oral glucose tolerance, will be in one of these categories.

    This resource of oral glucose tolerance with insulin assay is unequalled in world medical literature. 

    The importance of early diagnosis is that the clinical pathology of diabetes - mainly heart disease, high blood pressure, stroke, cataracts, erectile dysfunction, and other metabolic disorders – occurs not only in those with advanced diabetes, but also in those with “normal” blood sugars.

    YES, this could happen to YOU! 

    When early diagnosis is coupled with specific therapy, the DIABETES EPIDEMIC will be arrested and then reversed. Early diagnosis is the goal of this book – beginning with YOU.

    By Joseph R. Kraft, MD, MS, FCAP



    DIABETES EPIDEMIC & YOU : 3rd Edition
    By Joseph R. Kraft, MD, MS, FCAP

    The pathology of diabetes occurs in those with normal blood sugars. There are far too many who are told, “Don’t worry, your fasting blood sugars are normal.” The earliest diagnosis of prediabetes is hyperinsulin, type 2 diabetes identified by insulin assays with normal glucose tolerance.
    With early diagnosis, the DIABETES EPIDEMIC can be arrested and then reversed.This is the goal of this book that I share with YOU. Hopefully, it will help you to turn the dream into a reality, i.e. the prevention of the pathology of diabetes and cardiovascular disease.


    Diabetes Epidemic and You will alert people worldwide about the importance of the earliest diagnosis and treatment of prediabetes and diabetes.
    Increased insulins with normal blood sugars in this astonishing experience of 14,384 oral sugar tolerance with insulin assays established the earliest diagnosis.
    International recognition will in my opinion, establish Dr. Kraft as the “Father of Insulin Assay” in clinical medicine.

    Professor Doctor Yotaka Fukuda, MD, Ph.D.
    Department of Otolaryngology and Biophysics
    Escola Paulista de Medicina 
    Sao Paulo, Brasil

    Dr. Kraft’s quarter century’s devoted study of glucose metabolism and blood insulin levels before its recognition by clinicians is thoroughly elaborated and clinically correlated in his sentinel monograph.

    This book presents Dr. Kraft’s exceptional cumulative experience with 14,384 oral glucose tolerance tests with insulin assays performed at St. Joseph Hospital, Chicago between 1972 and 1998 while he was the chairman of the Department of Pathology and Nuclear Medicine. No parallel experience has ever been reported. This volume provides the earliest diagnosis of prediabetes and diabetes — even when the fasting blood sugar levels have been considered to be normal.

    As the author comments and I agree, “The book should awaken the silent millions with undiagnosed diabetes…”

    William H. Wehrmacher, MD, FACP, FACC
    Clinical Professor of Medicine and Adjunct Professor of Physiology 
    Loyola University of Chicago, 
    Strich School of Medicine
    Editor: Book review section of the journal: Comprehensive Therapy



    Diabetes Epidemic and You is superbly written, in a language that is accessible to the general public and yet precise enough for physicians. It is a difficult thing to achieve such clarity. Besides, it is a complete book, that includes all related subjects in perfect manner.

    Prof. Dr. Pedro Luiz Mangabeira Albernaz
    Professor of Otorhinolaryngology
    Escola Paulista de Medicina
    Universidade Federal de Sao Paulo
    Sao Paulo, Brasil

    * * * * * * * * *

    The International Tinnitus Journal Volume 15, Number 1, 2009
    Joseph Kraft has written a book entitled Diabetes Epidemic and You. The subtitle is even more important and timely: Should Everyone Be Tested? Absolutely Not! Only Those Concerned About Their Future! In this very speedily readable book, Dr. Kraft outlines the history of diabetes and the discovery of insulin and its assays. He then goes on to relate his experience with 14,384 assays from 1972 through 1998. From there, the author puts together the relationship of insulin levels, blood sugar, and diabetes.
    To complete the book, the second part compiles the age distribution of these oral glucose tolerances with insulin assays. This comparison not so subtly reveals the importance of this testing from age 3 to 90+ years.
    This wonderful written book is suitable both for the public and for the profession. It is a treasure of knowledge and experience not otherwise available.This work should be required reading for all medical students, endocrinologists, otolaryngologists, and anybody interested in their future — and especially for physicians concerned about their future and that of their patients.
    Kenneth H. Brookler, MD, MS, FRCSC
    Clinical Professor of Otolaryngology
    New York Medical College
    Valhalia, New York



    Book Reviews of Diabetes Epidemic and You

    The International Tinnitus Journal Volume 15, Number 1 2009
    This is a wonderful text both for the public and for our profession because of the tremendous amount of knowledge that reflects what we do know and what can occur later. There is no question that the body’s biochemistry and neural mechanisms rely on our intake of food or exposure to other chemicals.

    Therefore, as diabetes affects these entities, they also affect our body in relation to all other illnesses.

    This is a superb textbook that should be read by the public, by members of our profession while in training, and those who are in practice so that they will begin to understand and expect what is occurring biochemically. It is a book for the present and for the future, and it deservesgreat commendations.
    Wallace Rubin, M.D.
    Clinical Professor, Department of Otolaryngology
    Louisiana State University School of Medicine
    New Orleans, LA
    “The goal of this book is to awaken the silent millions with undiagnosed diabetes to combat the Diabetes epidemic beginning with you - and I do mean you.” states the author, Joseph R. Kraft, MD, chairman of the Department of Clinical Pathology and Nuclear Medicine, St. Joseph Hospital, Chicago, Illinois, 1972-1998.
    In a comprehensive, well planned manner, the book integrates and provides to the medical community, clinicians, research professionals, and patients an extensive autopsy and clinical pathology experience for a practical approach to the diagnosis, treatment, and control of the pathogenesis of type 2 diabetes. “The earliest diagnosis of prediabetes is hyperinsulin, type 2 diabetes, identified by the oral glucose tolerance test with insulin assay with normal glucose tolerance.”
    Since 1921, the oral glucose tolerance test has been an established procedure for the early diagnosis of diabetes. The focus of the reported clinical experience in this book is the application since 1972 at St. Joseph’s Hospital of the oral glucose tolerance test with insulin assays for the early diagnosis of diabetes. “This test has provided the earliest diagnosis of prediabetes and diabetes even when the blood sugars were normal”.”
    Dr. Kraft’s book is recommended as a source of information to professionals and patients of all ages interested in the maintenance of good health. All join with the author in attempting to influence and limit the clinical progression of the “diabetes epidemic.” This volume is a step forward for achieving the author’s ultimate goal: “the prevention of the pathology of diabetes mellitus and cardiovascular disease.”
    Abraham Shulman, M.D., FACS
    Professor Emeritus Clinical Otolaryngology
    State University of New York
    Health Science Center at Brooklyn, New York

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